2012 InVenture Prize Competition

Listed below are the 2012 InVenture Prize finalists. Click on a team name to learn more about the competitors and their inventions.

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Competition Finalists

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2nd Place
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Elizabeth LeMar
- Biomedical Engineering
, Roswell, GA
Kunal MacDonald
- Biomedical Engineering
, Macon, GA
Daphne Vincent
- Biomedical Engineering
, McDonough, GA
Alkindi Kibria
- Biomedical Engineering
, Rockville, MD

A software assisted home-use hand assessment and rehabilitation device.

"Winning The InVenture Prize will help put Rehand in the "hands" of millions to help relearn, regain, and rehabilitate." --Elizabeth LeMar

Matthew Stoddard
- Industrial Design
, Clarksville, TN
Christopher Vollo
- Electrical Engineering
, Alparetta, GA

An extraordinarily precise and pressure-sensitive capacitive stylus.

"The InVenture Prize is a chance to make something that lasts,to create something that has a benefit to other people." -- Christopher Vollo

"This is an opportunity to test the knowledge that I've gained from the industrial design program at Georgia Tech." -- Matthew Stoddard

Kevin Parsons
- Mechanical Engineering
, Sugar Hill, GA
Matthew Lee
- Biomedical Engineering
, Atlanta, GA
Priya Patil
- Biomedical Engineering
, Atlanta, GA
Benji Hoover
- Mechanical Engineering
, Flowery Branch, GA
Josh DeVane
- Mechanical Engineering
, Peachtree City, GA

Chest retractor for bypass surgery.

"InVenture Prize is an opportunity to realize our ideas and make them come to life." -- Kevin Parsons

James Rundquist
- Computer Science
, Acworth, GA
Greg Cobb
- Computer Science
, Mountain View, CA

An online system for creating and sharing college class schedules.

"The InVenture Prize is an opportunity to learn about the startup process and take CourseShark to the next level." -- James Rundquist

DEfT Pad
Jarred Vallbracht
- Electrical Engineering
, Covington, GA
Sarosh Shahbuddin
- Electrical Engineering
, Rock Hill, SC
Michael Stone
- Electrical Engineering
, Augusta, GA
Bradley Keller
- Electrical Engineering
, Gainsville, GA
David Burke
- Computer Engineering
, Canton, GA

A touchscreen device giving guitarists the functionality of a distortion pedal.

"If we win The InVenture Prize, we'll get help putting our product in the hands of guitarists." -- Bradley Keller

"The InVenture Prize is helping us take a cool course project and turn it into a real product." -- David Burke

Entrepic Wake
Spencer Price
- Industrial Design
, Salisbury, NC
Graeme Wicks
- Polymer Fiber and Textile Engineering
, Louisville, KY

A rigid, portable, and customizable obstacle/rail system for extreme water sports.

"Winning The InVenture Prize would mean validation of our idea, as well as putting us to the point of being investor ready." -- Spencer Price


David Pogue

Science and Technology Columnist, New York Times

Bahareh Azizi

Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Georgia Tech


Deborah Kilpatrick

Senior Vice President, CardioDX

Paul Ollinger

Social Media Entrepreneur

David Phelps

President and CEO, CreoSalus