2011 InVenture Prize Competition

Listed below are the 2011 InVenture Prize finalists. Click on a team name to learn more about the competitors and their inventions.

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Competition Finalists


1st Place
2nd Place
People's Choice


Roger Pincombe
- Computer Science
, Peachtree City, GA

An automated, cutting edge e-commerce computer program that creates online advertisements.

"The InVenture Prize is a great opportunity to showcase the entrepreneurial inventions of students. Universities tend to focus on preparing students for jobs and careers, while those students who want to follow the more unconventional path of entrepreneurship are more or less left to fend for themselves. I believe that the InVenture Prize is a huge step in the right direction, encouraging students to think outside of the box and create something new."

Christopher Giardina
- Biomedical Engineering
, Alpharetta, GA
Rebeca Bowden
- Biomedical Engineering
, Athens, GA
Jorge Baro
- Biomedical Engineering
, Duluth, GA
Kanitha Kim
- Mechanical Engineering
, Gaithersburg, MD
Khaled Kashlan
- Biomedical Engineering
, Suwanee, GA
Shane Saunders
- Mechanical Engineering
, Moultrie, GA

An innovative instrument designed to improve cataract surgery.

"InVenture Prize will allow us to share our ideas with surgeons and provide the means needed for further testing of our device. We want to make cataract surgery safer and less expensive."

Alexander Cooper
- Biomedical Engineering
, Atlanta, GA
Shawna Marie Hagen
- Biomedical Engineering
, Middletown, NJ
William Jacob Thompson
- Biomedical Engineering
, Cornelia, GA
Elizabeth Ann Flanagan
- Biomedical Engineering
, Douglas, GA

Magnetic Assisted Intubation Device (MAID) is a creative approach to facilitate the procedure of placing a breathing tube into the trachea.

"We want to provide a life saving tool to emergency medical professionals as well as ordinary people in remote location. Winning the InVenture Prize can help us make it happen."

Jenny Taylor
- Biomedical Engineering
, Greenville, SC
Megan Richards
- Biomedical Engineering
, Suwanee, GA
Michael Zhao
- Biomedical Engineering
, Alpharetta, GA

A device that cleverly detects hard plastics in the body.

"We found a way to help treat and improve the lives of breast cancer survivors. The InVenture Prize is our chance to create something worth a lifetime to someone else and truly live the Georgia Tech motto of 'progress and service'."

Aaron Fan
- Electrical Engineering/Computer Science
, Ocoee, FL
Xo Wang
- Electrical Engineering/Computer Science
, New York, NY
Jamison Go
- Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering
, Orlando, FL

A motorized, self-balancing skateboard that takes the activity to a new level featuring  two wheels instead of four.

"The InVenture Prize is our opportunity to explore entrepreneurship. We can take our idea for the Velociryder, develop it and sell it. The competition is the kick that can move our ideas from a design on the computer to a product."

Slide Capo
Daniel Chaney
- Industrial Design
, Tucker, GA

A new twist on a guitar capo that can create unique sounds.

"To me the InVenture Prize is a fantastic challenge, a great opportunity and a whole lot of fun. On the whole I think it is a testament to the uncommon ingenuity, passion and creativity of the type of people who make up Georgia Tech."

Waste to Watts
James Molini
- Biomedical Engineering
, Newark, DE
Patrick Caputo
- Electrical Engineering/Physics
, Gahanna, OH

Capitalizing on sustainability, this apparatus is created by reusing discarded parts to devise a system that will provide much-needed power in third world countries.

"The InVenture Prize gives us an opportunity to increase awareness of the need for a simple, reliable source of power in the developing world and how our innovation reuses electronic waste to help solve this problem and improve the quality of life for many."


Miles O'Brien

Broadcast News Journalist

Bahareh Azizi

Researcher in the Georgia Tech School of Chemistry and Biochemistry.


Sara Blakely

Inventor, SPANX Footless Pantyhose

Greg Foster

Founder and CEO, BrightWhistle, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Chrysalis Ventures

Deborah Kilpatrick

Senior Vice President, CardioDx

David Phelps

President and CEO, CreoSalus