2009 InVenture Prize Competition

Listed below are the 2009 InVenture Prize finalists. Click on a team name to learn more about the competitors and their inventions.

Watch undergraduate student George P. Burdell get ready to compete in a special featured video to the right.

Competition Finalists



Heat 'n Go
Jessica Carter
Mario Taylor II

The Heat 'n Go is a self-heating reusable food container providing the convenience of heat anywhere.

"An idea thoughtfully and passionately pursued has the potential to change lives."

Roger Pincombe
Individual Winner

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"The InVenture Prize excites me because it focuses on my personal entrepreneurial and inventive skills, and could help me be the employer, not the employee."

Glucose Monitor
Elizabeth Bramblett
Meredith Goolsby
Sonya Parpart
Kimberly Roush

A minimally invasive continuous glucose monitoring system that can be placed inside an existing IV line to monitor glucose levels in hospital patients.

"Competing in the InVenture Prize is the culmination of [our] experience at Georgia Tech ... this competition will be invaluable in pursuing future endeavors."

Kelly Michaud
Pedro Perez
Larry Shorey

Attaches to a USB thumb drive and alerts the user if they are about to forget the drive.

"The competition means that anyone can be an inventor, as long as the inventor has a vision and passion to bring forth their invention."

Medical Transporter
Matt Eicholtz
Ben Goldsmith
Drew Hess
Brandon Kearse
Ji Kim

Isolates an injured patient from the vibration of their transportation means to lessen potential for further injury and to increase patient comfort.

"The fast paced InVenture Prize is helping the Gurney Guys transition from academia to industry faster than their schedules allow."

Admissions Conquered
Joy Buolamwini

Admissions Conquered is a web-based system that makes the college application process easier by centralizing resources and allowing users to find what is personally relevant while sharing and gaining insights.

"The InVenture Prize Competition gives a foundation for my castles in the sky."

HIV Medication Scheduler
Ryan Turk

A digital watch that displays symbols coordinated with labeled packages of pills so that illiterate HIV/AIDS patients in third world countries can take complex medication.

"The InVenture Prize lets me use my creativity towards a goal of bettering the lives of others. Thanks to the creators for that opportunity."

Chlorocyte Bioreactor
Joseph Abrahamson
William Boyd
Sanjay Challa
Kento Masuyama
Andrew Punnoose
Team Winner

A photobioreactor system to grow and harvest algae that are fed by the emissions from fossil-fuel burning power plants.

"We want to build a world where energy and the environment go hand in hand."


Pete Ludovice

Comedian, Professor, School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Director, Center for Academic Enrichment


Terry Blum

Tedd Munchak Chairholder, Professor, College of Management, Director, Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ILE)

Merrick L. Furst

Distinguished Professor, College of Computing

David N. Ku

Lawrence P. Huang Endowed Chair in Engineering and Entrepreneurship and Regents' Professor, George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering and College of Management

Joy Laskar

Schlumberger Chair in Microelectronics, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering